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Garden Cheat Sheet: Time saving products that will help you achieve garden perfection in an instant

Making your garden look beautiful doesn’t have to take years of planning. If you are looking for quick fixes to get your home and garden ready for the summer, we have the complete cheat sheet to give you a helping hand in creating the perfect outdoor space, so that you can relax when the sun starts shining… Instant Hedging Far from being a one trick pony, instant hedging can be used to suit many purposes in your garden. Why not start with our matured, ready to plant instant hedging? Most... Read More


Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space With Instant Hedging

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden and enjoy the weather. There’s no need to stay cooped up in the house when you can still enjoy all of your home comforts, just with the sun over your head. With so many quirky ways to bring nature indoors, we have a few ideas on how to use instant hedging to bring the indoors outdoors instead. Designs and Styles Block out unwanted views When entertaining guests in the garden, the last thing you want is an unsightly view.... Read More

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All About Instant Hedging

What Is Instant Hedging? Instant hedging is the ultimate way to achieve show garden standards without the wait. If you’re planning to make the most of the warm weather with garden parties and days spent lounging on the lawn, instant hedging can create an established hedge quickly, offering privacy, colour and texture. Instant hedging is grown in a metre long trough and is regularly pruned to give you a solid hedging unit that has already knitted together, both foliage and roots, providing a healthy hedge with a high success rate. Instant hedging... Read More


10 reasons to choose Griselinia littoralis

Griselinia Littoralis is a Best4hedging favourite and is one of our top 10 selling species. Famous for its large ovate leaves, hence its alternative name New Zealand Broadleaf, which display beautiful light shades of apple green. Not only utilised for its calming colour that has the ability to bring a relaxing ambience to a garden, it holds a number of benefits that validates its popularity in thousands of gardens and garden designs. Its popularity in gardens across the country has been noticed by The Royal Horticultural Society. As a result,... Read More


How do I use Rootgrow?

Rootgrow for plants can be applied in two different ways but the key thing to remember is that it should be applied directly to the root system. For root ball, pot grown and cell grown plants, you can sprinkle the granules into the planting hole. We’ve included an easy to follow video that demonstrates the two ways to apply this planting essential. For bare root plants, Rootgrow can be made into a gel form and the roots of the plants dipped into the mixture before placing into the planting hole. The... Read More

ivy screens 18/08/2015

Late summer solutions for a quick garden makeover

So far August hasn’t delivered the long, hot sunny days we all dream of in summer, however with new predictions for an Indian summer, we want to help make sure your garden is ready for any last minute barbecues and garden get-togethers. It’s easy to spruce up your space and better your beds and borders with our quick and simple instant gardening solutions: Instant hedging Separate seating areas or partition problem areas with our instant hedging. It’s the ideal way to add immediate impact to your space and can provide... Read More

sustainable gardening 30/07/2015

Top trends at Tatton Park 2015

Following last week’s RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park, we’ve put together a collection of all the top gardening trends to help you find inspiration to give your outdoor space that show garden feel: Plants for pollinators Bold borders and bright perennials stole the show and there were plenty of pollinators and other insects enjoying the bee-friendly displays. Topiary Standards, spirals and symmetrical shapes added architecture and height to a number of the show gardens and exhibitor stands. Instant hedging Used as a backdrop to the show gardens and exhibitor... Read More

Rich brothers box instant hedging 16/06/2015

Best4hedging, Love the Plot You’ve Got & The Rich Brothers

Best4hedging were recently involved in a Love the Plot You’ve Got garden makeover with talented, RHS Chelsea Gold Medal winners, the Rich brothers. You may have caught the three-part feature on ITV’s This Morning last week in which we supplied 12 metres of Box instant hedging to transform a tired looking, empty space into a fantastic family garden, separated into two sections with a modern, unique steel feature. The garden was designed to reflect the interior of the house, with grey fences and gravel used to coordinate with colour schemes... Read More

Britain's front gardens 29/05/2015

Don’t lose your kerb appeal – Choose plants over paving

Recently an increasing number of Britain’s front gardens have been transformed from a burst of greenery that welcomes you home into a dull, concrete block that’s damaging more than kerb appeal. The RHS have raised their concerns following a survey that revealed 4.5 million front gardens are now completely paved. And, this is not a new trend; a 2005 report from London refers to a “crazy paving” phase when two-thirds of London’s front gardens were replaced with paving. Although a dramatic number of London gardens have now disappeared, rural areas are also suffering,... Read More

Alder hedge 13/05/2015

Hurried hedging – Top 7 fast growing hedge plants

Often our customers are looking for a tall hedge at a low cost. This is where fast growing hedge plants come in. They provide instant impact and are a great way to save money, as a fast growing species means you don’t need to buy plants at your final desired height initially; the fast growth rate allows you to buy smaller, more cost effective plants that will reach the height you require within one or two growing seasons. Here’s our pick of the best fast growing hedging species that will provide... Read More