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a hedge is a home blog 11/02/2021
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A hedge is a home

It is well known that modern agricultural methods have been a major cause of bird and other wildlife decline in the 20th century, as hedges have been removed for efficiency and pesticides have killed small insects that make up their diet. we have the power As we may be adding to the decline of local wildlife around our nation, we have the power to help with its restoration! Our gardens collectively make up more space than all the national parks combined, and there are lots of things we can do... Read More

Beech circle 20/01/2016

How does hardiness affect my choice of plant?

Over the weekend, we experienced a sudden change of weather as many of us here at Best4heding looked outside our windows and saw the long awaited snow that has people either jumping for joy, or hiding from the harsh weather. As the snowflakes fall and frost sets on the foliage of trees, the scenic landscapes begin to resemble a winter wonderland. With that being said, the cold conditions do make a number of gardeners panic as their attention turns to the survival of their plants and their ability to cope... Read More

Foliage of a Beech hedge 13/08/2015

10 reasons to choose Beech hedging

Beech hedging is most popular for its display of warm, copper coloured autumn foliage, however, Fagus sylvatica has plenty more to offer than just attractive leaves. The fast growth rate and ability to tolerate a range of planting positions makes Beech a favourite in British gardens, but that’s still not all – read on to find out more about the benefits of planting a Beech hedge… Our top 10 reasons to plant a Beech hedge – Beech hedging plants have a huge range of benefits including privacy and screening properties, wind... Read More