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September Gardening Advice 2021

September brings with it a change in season and therefore a change in your garden’s needs. With forecasts for potential rain fall, we may be grabbing our rain coats a lot more often, but don’t let the rain keep you from your garden! The bare root and root ball season is approaching, now is the time to prepare your garden for autumn. Plan Ahead You can now pre-order cost effective bare roots and impacting root balls to ensure you get priority of the freshest plants so you can plant during... Read More

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Welcoming Wildlife Over Winter

As the cold weather of winter is finally upon us, days are shorter and food sources become scarce, the garden wildlife that are ever-present in the summer months search for a safe habitat for their annual hibernation. Unlike us humans, our small friends do not have the luxury of turning on the heating, putting on an extra jumper or enjoying a hot bowl of soup when the frosty conditions take their toll. The critters that visit our gardens face the task of finding a suitable resting place where conditions are... Read More

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Best4hedging’s review of the 2016 State of Nature Report

This week, the State of Nature partnership released their 2016 State of Nature report which brings information from over 50 organisations collecting data from over 7,500,000 volunteers to help record & monitor how wildlife is faring across the UK. Data was collected for over 9,670 species with a fantastic contribution and help from numerous wildlife loving volunteers. Unfortunately nature is in trouble, and more so than originally thought! Identifying 8,000 species which are of highest conservation concern, research showed that 15% are extinct or threatened with extinction from the UK,... Read More

#LoveBirds Competition 28/03/2016

#LoveBirds Competition

Here at best4hedging we adore birds! Hence why we sell an abundance of bird friendly hedging plants and have a great relationship with the RSPB who approve our bird friendly bundles. Many of us will be recovering from the weekend with the amount of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies of which we surprise ourselves every year with how many we can actually eat, in addition to staying inside watching the strong winds and vicious gales that came with Storm Katie. Due to it being Easter and the number of birds... Read More

Grey seals 26/09/2015

Best nature reserves for autumn days out

Autumn is an ideal time of year to get out and enjoy nature. Discover sights and sounds unique to the season of mists and mellow fruits, before the cold weather sets in and winter presents its own wonderland. Here are our picks of the best nature reserves to spot your favourite furry friends and wild animals at their best: For grey seals….head to Donna Nook in Lincolnshire. The coastal reserve sees around 1,500 seals head to the sandy dunes to give birth in late autumn. The viewing platform, open from... Read More

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transform your garden into a butterfly haven

With their beautiful markings and delicate wings, butterflies add a colourful burst of interest to the garden. Britain alone has 59 resident species of butterfly, but with these numbers rapidly declining it’s now more important than ever to encourage these wonderful creatures into your outdoor space. You can attract a flutter (or kaleidoscope, as the correct term is) of butterflies by following these simple tips… plant some beautiful flowers  The good news is that butterflies love all kinds of flowers so you have plenty to choose from when planting seeds... Read More

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Discover the best hedges for both you and wildlife

Hedging is one of the most versatile touches you can add to your garden. It offers a handy way of creating privacy and is also the perfect haven for wildlife such as birds, insects and hedgehogs. With the summer in full swing, you can make sure your garden provides a great place for summer parties whilst acting as a home for nature simply by choosing your hedging wisely… Berry Hedging It’s easy to invite birds into your garden. Berry hedging entices all kinds of birds, from flocks of redwings to blackbirds,... Read More

Hedgehog in garden 12/07/2015

Hedges for hedgehogs: Reasons why your choice of fencing is so crucial for wildlife

The key is in the name when it comes to encouraging hedgehogs into your garden. Hedges are the ideal nesting spot for our prickly friends, providing the necessary shelter and comfort they need to thrive. As part of our #HedgesForHogs campaign, we invite you to reconsider the particulars of your fencing, so that you can welcome hedgehogs safely into your garden… Avoid creating barriers Traditional fencing may do the job for keeping out unwanted pests, but it also acts as a barrier to letting hedgehogs in. To encourage hedgehogs into... Read More

Swallowtail butterfly 25/04/2015

Do you know your Painted Ladies from your Peacocks? – Identifying Butterflies

Now that spring blossoms are decorating your garden, you’re sure to notice more and more butterflies coming to visit, so this blog is here to help you identify which species of these lovely insects are making the most of your plants. Swallowtail The largest and rarest of our native butterflies It’s distinctive forked tail gives this species its common name Often continues to beat its wings when feeding Pale yellow with black markings that give an overall darker appearance Prefers pink flowers Wood White Is very slow in flight giving... Read More

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Getting kids wild about your garden

For children, a garden isn’t always a place of rest and relaxation – it’s a tactile treasure trove for the senses that’s just waiting to be explored. And this month’s Big Garden Bird Watch by the RSPB is an ideal opportunity to encourage your kids to get outside, get active and discover the secret wildlife world that’s been waiting just outside their window. All you have to do is pick an hour over the weekend of 24 and 25 January, and count how many birds you see, and what species... Read More