The best time to plant a hedge

The million dollar question! But the answer is that there is no one best time to plant a hedge as it all depends on what it is your planting… We’re going to keep it simple for you.   And that’s all there is to it! We always recommend to plant your hedging (whatever root type it may be) with Rootgrow and Bonemeal. Rootgrow will improve: disease and drought resistance, soil condition, fruit and flower production and the shock caused by transplanting – planting with Rootgrow will result in triple the growth rate compared to none... Read More


Why Plant Deciduous Plants in Autumn

Autumn is nature’s planting time and if you’re considering planting a deciduous tree or shrub in your garden, then NOW is the best time to get them in the ground. It might be too cold for us to leave the house without a hat and scarf, but for deciduous plants the temperature is perfect. It allows for healthy roots & efficient establishment. Deciduous plants planted in autumn have the best chance of fully establishing as they will develop new and healthy roots this time of year. Roots grow best in... Read More


November Gardening Advice

November is here and we are closing in on Christmas, yes you read that correctly…CHRISTMAS! But before you start racing to the shops searching for wrapping paper and the biggest turkey, turn your attention to the garden as there is plenty of important things to do this month. Plants Bare Roots are available this month! Order your cost effective hedge plants and use Rootgrow and Bonemeal to ensure your plants get their best possible start to establishment. Root Balls and Pleached trees are also available. These plants are brilliant for... Read More

pruning an evergreen hedge 01/05/2016

May Gardening Advice

Whilst the weather in May can be very unpredictable; varying between a heatwave one week, late frosts the next and a downpour the week after, your garden still needs plenty of attention, especially if you’re hoping for the weather to stay nice long enough to get the BBQ out. So, here’s our top gardening jobs for May to keep you busy when the weather allows: Planting and pruning Look out for reverted green shoots on your evergreens and remove them to avoid reversion taking over. Give your evergreen hedging a... Read More


How do I use Rootgrow?

Rootgrow for plants can be applied in two different ways but the key thing to remember is that it should be applied directly to the root system. For root ball, pot grown and cell grown plants, you can sprinkle the granules into the planting hole. We’ve included an easy to follow video that demonstrates the two ways to apply this planting essential. For bare root plants, Rootgrow can be made into a gel form and the roots of the plants dipped into the mixture before placing into the planting hole. The... Read More


Do I leave the hessian sack on root ball plants when I plant them?

A lot of people are confused when they see a large sack covering the entire root system of their plants and wonder whether or not they need to take it off. To solve any confusion, the answer is yes you should leave it on. The material covering your roots is called a hessian sack which is bio-degradable and will disintegrate over time, so there is no need to worry about having to take it off or any damage to the environment. It is important to leave the hessian sack on... Read More

Carrots in the ground 27/08/2015

Garden-grown Autumn recipes for kids: Plant now for a seasonal feast straight from your garden

Kids can be fussy eaters but there’s no better way to encourage them to eat their five-a-day than with fruit and veg they’ve grown themselves. Here are our favourite seasonal fruits, tasty veg and flavoursome herbs that you can enjoy straight from your garden this Winter. Not only are these very easy for little green fingers to grow, but deliciously appetising for the whole family when used in a variety of recipes. So get out into the garden this season and see what home-grown dishes you and your little ones... Read More


How do I use Bonemeal?

When it comes to purchasing your plants, its not unusual to be bombarded with suggested fertilisers as everyone has their favourite. We highly reccomend using organic Bonemeal to ensure your plants get the best start to establishment as possible. The purpose of Bonemeal is essentially improving the quality of your soil by increasing the intake of nutrients plants need to develop. A great, slow releasing fertiliser, Bonemeal should be applied to the soil as opposed to the roots of the plant. You can do this by forking it through your backfill, ensuring... Read More

hanging baskets in bloom 17/06/2015

Hanging Baskets – A how-to guide

Hanging baskets are an easy way to inject colour and fragrance into your garden; providing new sources of pollen and nectar for bees during summer and creating a fantastic display in winter gardens that may otherwise be starting to look bare. There are many different plants that can be used in hanging baskets including annuals, perennials, herbs such as Lavender and even small shrubs and evergreens such as Buxus Sempervirens. Planting with a colour scheme can create additional interest or choosing plants with both flowers and autumn foliage can provide a... Read More


#HedgingHeroes Competition – Update

We just wanted to give you an update from our #HedgingHeroes competition. We’ve received photos from several of the very happy winners showing their prize planted in its new home – Corfe Village, Somerset  Corfe Village celebrated their win with a planting party and their hedging is looking fantastic! Dearne alc School, Rotherham The pupils haven’t had chance to plant their prize yet as they’re currently busy drawing up planting plans to create a horseshoe shape for an outside learning space. I’m sure we’ll see photos shortly. Community Wildlife Garden,... Read More