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Feeding hedges, shrubs and roses

The first thing we should address is if it’s actually necessary to feed your plants. And the simple answer is yes. However, this differs between different types of plants; whereas Roses and containerised plants require regular feeding, hedges and shrubs can get by with the occasional feed. Many gardeners presume that plants only need feeding when they begin to show signs of poor growth, however poor growth can also be related to other factors such as drought, pests and weather damage, rather than a lack of nutrients. So when exactly... Read More


Planting Essentials – The benefits of RootGrow, Bonemeal and Seaweed

Often gardeners, particularly new gardeners, underestimate the benefits of using root treatments, fertilisers and stimulants when planting a new hedge or shrub, so we’ve put together this blog to help you understand the advantages of planting with one of the following products. Rootgrow Mycorrihzal Treatment This root treatment is developed from fungi, known as Mycorrhizal, which is a living orgasm found naturally in UK soils and is beneficial to your garden as 90% of all plants depend on it. Mycorrhizal is essential to all root development and cultivates naturally over... Read More