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Christmas Gift Guide

A best4hedging guide to choosing the right gifts this Christmas Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a new homer-owner, or filling the stocking of your green-fingered friends and family; we have created this guide full of great and unique Christmas gift ideas that last a life time… Topiary A festive feature for the garden Topiary makes a great focal point in any garden. The beautiful shapes make for a great feature in both classic and contemporary gardens. These ornamental plants have been around since the Egyptian era, and... Read More

topiary cubes 28/08/2015

How to add greenery to gardens with limited space

When it comes to small outdoor spaces, sometimes it may seem as if there isn’t any room for a garden but our space-saving green solutions prove otherwise. With these diverse products, even petite plots and little lawns can be transformed into colourful, wildlife friendly areas that you can make the most of – well, when the great British summer allows of course. All it takes is a bit of planning and inspiration and you’ll have an outdoor space worthy of envious looks from the neighbours in no time. Small pots Keeping... Read More

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Gardeners Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Are you thinking of buying yet another pair of socks this Father’s Day? Think again. With summer just around the corner there are a number of gardening gift ideas that are sure to be a stellar choice for your dad come Sunday 21 June. If he loves the great outdoors, treat him to one of these handy horticultural gifts… Top Topiary For the more creative dad, Topiary is a fun and thoughtful gift idea. Depending on his handiness level, choose a ready-made Topiary Cube, Spiral or Ball for beginners, or... Read More

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A cut above – The top topiary gardens you should visit

Keen to try your hand at topiary? Get some ideas from the experts at these top topiary gardens. Amazing living sculptures are at every corner, from giant chess pieces to mazes, animals and even Welsh hats…here are our favourite gardens that have shaped up to be truly inspirational: Chirk Castle, Clwyd A team of gardeners are busy trimming from summer to October to keep this castle’s topiary in shape. Dome shapes, birds and archways are dotted around the gardens, including its famous ‘Welsh Hats’ topiary. The Yew hedges that create... Read More

topiary wire shape 25/03/2015

Top tips for tip top Topiary

Whether you’re growing your own topiary, trimming an old topiary tree back into shape or planting a ready-made topiary specimen, our top tips can help you make the most out of this long-standing art form in your garden. For instant impact choose a ready-shaped topiary form, not only will you have an immediate garden feature but the only thing you’ll need to do is to give it a light trim once or twice a year to keep it neat.   If you have a lot of patience, there’s nothing more satisfying... Read More

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How to create your own topiary

Topiary never goes out of fashion, adding instant impact to any size of space. You can buy ready-grown and shaped topiary plants, but it’s also fun to shape your own garden feature. Here are our top tips for topiary beginners: What style of topiary: There are different kinds of topiary you can attempt depending on the result you want. You can buy a plant and grow and simply shape it yourself freehand, or you can train a plant to grow through a specially-shaped frame, which is placed over the plant... Read More

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10 unusual Topiary shapes

Topiary cones, balls and lollipops can make a fantastic feature in your garden, but if you’re a little bit more adventurous, you may want to try your hand at some topiary art. So, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most unusual topiary shapes we could find to give you some inspiration:  Topiary Garden, Chatsworth House Green Animals Topiary Garden, Rhode Island, USA Topiary Gardens, Ohio, USA Topiary display, Takao Railway Museum, Taiwan Topiary Gardens, Ohio, USA Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Wisconsin, USA Topiary squirrel, Poland Topiary teapot, London Topiary elephants Topiary train, Railton,... Read More

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Topiary through the times

The art of topiary may seem quintessentially English, but did you know it actually dates back to Roman times? Topiary is a skill that’s been shaped through the ages in countries across the world, from the corners of cottage gardens to ancient temples in Japan. As part of our #toptopiary month, we’ve dug up some fun facts about its horticultural history and how topiary has shaped how we garden today: You may know what topiary is, but do you know what the word means? It’s taken from the Latin word... Read More

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How to care for your topiary in 3 easy steps

Topiary trees come in a variety of different species and shapes, and look wonderful decorating both traditional gardens and gardens with a more modern twist. Whether you’re using topiary standards as a feature either side of a door way; adding texture and shape to a border with Box balls; punctuating hedges with a topiary lollipop or giving your balcony or patio some added aesthetic value, topiary is the perfect choice all round, and by following these 3 simple steps, your topiary will be healthy and handsome all year: Replanting your topiary... Read More

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Top 5 ways to use Topiary

The widespread use of topiary has exploded into artistic animals, contemporary cones and spirals, formal balls, and classic lollipops that can be used in a variety of different ways across domestic gardens, for large landscape projects and in splendid stately home gardens. Here’s our favourite 5 ways to make the most out of your topiary: Perfect punctuation Planting topiary standards or lollipops at intervals throughout a hedge is a great way to add height and structure to your borders. These topiary specimens can be formed using a variety of different... Read More