The Best Time to Plant a Hedge

The million dollar question! But the answer is that there is no one best time to plant a hedge as it all depends on what it is your planting… We’re going to keep it simple for you.

And that’s all there is to it! We always recommend to plant your hedging (whatever root type it may be) with Rootgrow and Bonemeal. Rootgrow will improve: disease and drought resistance, soil condition, fruit and flower production and the shock caused by transplanting – planting with Rootgrow will result in triple the growth rate compared to none treated plants. Hedging planted with Rootgrow will experience better, earlier growth with fewer losses. Bonemeal is the perfect complimentary product for Rootgrow. Bonemeal is an organic, slow releasing fertiliser that helps to establish roots whilst keeping them strong and healthy. It also contains the minerals phosphorous and calcium which promote growth and survival.

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