There is no Rootgrow/Bonemeal with my order?

To make sure that your Rootgrow or Bonemeal is safe during transit, we pack the products in the centre of pallet orders and at the bottom of box orders. We ask that you fully unpack your plants to ensure your Rootgrow or Bonemeal is not hidden inside your order. If after checking this, you still cannot find your Rootgrow or Bonemeal, please give our Service team a call on 01257 447 533 and they will be happy to help.

For those unfamiliar with how to use Rootgrow or how to use Bonemeal, we’ve included some easy to follow videos that demonstrate the various ways to use these applications when planting your hedge.

We have plenty more videos on our YouTube channel and you can find any further information on our Planting Advice page or our serious of Planting Queries blogs.

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