Why Plant Deciduous Plants in Autumn

18 November 2015

Autumn is nature’s planting time and if you’re considering planting a deciduous tree or shrub in your garden, then NOW is the best time to get them in the ground. It might be too cold for us to leave the house without a hat and scarf, but for deciduous plants the temperature is perfect.

1. It allows for healthy roots & efficient establishment

Deciduous plants planted in autumn have the best chance of fully establishing as they will develop new and healthy roots this time of year. Roots grow best in cool soil and deciduous plants lose their leaves in autumn, therefore they no longer have to feed the leaves allowing the plant to develop strong root systems for winter and in preparation for the return of leaves in spring.

2. It’s low maintenance

Another benefit of planting deciduous trees in autumn is that they are low maintenance. As mentioned before, these plants no longer have to collect nutrients for leaves so the requirement for water is reduced and more importantly so is your time spent outside enduring the cold weather attending to your plants.

Developing roots still need water but it doesn’t compared to the amount of water needed when they are in leaf. We suggest watering once every two weeks as autumn/winter already brings plenty of rain and damp weather. A good method to check if you need to water your plants is to test your soil by placing a finger (as cold as it may be) into the soil and if you feel moisture on the tip of your finger then avoid watering. If it feels dry then simply cover the soil once over with some water. To ensure you soil retains moisture, you can apply a protective mulch cover to the base of your plants. easyMulch is an organic mulch alternative which offers an environmentally friendly way to protect your plants over winter. This planting essential is highly recommended for autumn planting as it shields your plants from frost and it doesn’t blow away with the strong winds.

3. It’s cheap!

Plants are now dormant which means bare roots are ready for purchase. They are an excellent, cost effective option, especially when planting in large quantities and taller plants. You can establish your ideal hedge at a low cost as deciduous species such as Beech, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Field Maple and many more are available for less than £1 per plant.

Take a look at our bare root mixed packs for a diverse garden feature with seasonal characteristics and additional wildlife interest. These packs make choosing a hedge easy and offer great value for money.

We highly recommend planting bare root hedge plants with Rootgrow. The exposed roots allow you to apply this natural fungi directly to the root system enabling them to extract nutrients and absorb moisture more efficiently. Don’t just take our word for it, this planting essential is also endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Bonemeal is the perfect complimentary product for Rootgrow as this slow releasing fertiliser contributes to the soil quality, assisting the establishment of strong and healthy roots.

We’ve included our video on how to plant bare roots. Here you’ll see our horticultural expert Pete plant Beech hedge plants with the addition of Rootgrow and Bonemeal.