Wild Cherry Brandy Recipe

Wild Cherry Brandy CocktailsThis makes a great festive drink- perfect for an after-dinner tipple, and by preparing the recipe now, you’ll have a bottle of wild cherry brandy just in time for Christmas.


Recipe makes about 850ml


500g wild (sour) cherries, with or without their stems

300g granulated sugar

About 300ml brandy


1. Begin by sterilising your wide-mouthed bottling jars (this is a glass bottle with a well-fitting screw-top or swing-top lid). It is up to you whether to make one big blend or split up your mixture into several bottles, maybe to give as christmas gifts?

2. Next, decide whether you want your cherries to keep their stems; if not, remove these now, then thoroughly wash and dry the fruits.

3. Layer the cherries into the jars, adding a generous amount of sugar in between each layer and pack as tight as possible.

4. When your cherries reach the top of the jar and all the sugar has been added, fill with brandy – it’s important to make sure all the cherries are covered. Gently tilt the jar to fill any air bubbles, then seal.

5. Place your mixture in a dark cupboard (to preserve the colour) for a week, tipping the jar upside down once a day, or until you can no longer see any sugar.

6. After a week, you can leave your wild cherry brandy to macerate – wait at least one full month before opening and enjoying.

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