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Box topiary spiral


Buxus sempervirens topiary spirals

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Buxus sempervirens is a native evergreen with wonderful, glossy foliage that creates stunning Box topiary spirals. As a low-maintenance species, Box doesn't require much effort to keep your topiary spirals looking neat and with year round interest, your topiary shapes will provide long-lasting colour and impact in your garden. Buxus is a slow growing species, so pruning once a year is enough to maintain the striking spiral shape.  

  • Best Features: Evergreen foliage, year round interest, low maintenance
  • Ideal For: Garden features, patios, punctuating hedges, doorways and entrance ways
  • Growth Rate: Slow | 10-15cm a year
  • Position: Any normal soil including well-drained, poor & dry soils, partial sun or full shade, exposed inland and coastal
  • Also Consider: Box hedging and Dwarf Box hedging, or for fragrant or colourful foliage, consider Bay Laurel and Photinia Topiary trees. more ›
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Description of Buxus topiary spirals

Our Buxus topiary spirals have been carefully trained by skilled nurserymen to provide you with stunning topiary shapes to create a statement garden feature or to decorate pathways, archways or entrances. Box topiary spirals are also great for small gardens as they make the most of your vertical space. We have more sizes available so if you can't find what you're looking for, please give us a call.

How to use Box topiary spirals

Use Box topiary spirals either side of your front door to give the neighbours something to be jealous of or punctuate your hedges with topiary spirals to add architectural height. Buxus topiary is also perfect to plant at intervals along a garden path for a wonderful, dramatic feature.

Combine Buxus spirals with

Box topiary spirals look fantastic planted alone, either in a garden border or in a container to decorate patios and balconies.

Growth rate of Boxwood topiary plants

Box has a slow growth rate, achieving 10-15cm a year so is easily maintained at your final, desired height. 

How to care for Buxus topiary trees

For the perfect, show-garden finish, we advise trimming your Box topiary shapes little and often but if you don't mind if your topiary spirals aren't immaculate all year round, pruning once or twice a year will still maintain a neat shape. Visit the Best4Hedging Advice section for more information on Care and Planting.

Planting density guidelines for topiary trees

It is completely up to you how many topiary trees you wish to plant. There are endless options for planting topiary, you can keep them in large containers or plant them into the ground either close together or spaced out. Read our blog on the top 5 ways to use topiary for more inspiration.

We offer Box topiary all year round. If you can't find the size you are looking for, please give us a call as we do have more sizes available.

The vast majority of our Box topiary plants are grown in the UK by professionals with years of horticultural experience, though sometimes we may source them from specialised nurseries abroad, where we can guarantee the quality of the plants matches those on our UK sites. At Best4hedging we constantly strive to deliver you the freshest, highest quality plants whilst maintaining our low prices, so you can source Buxus sempervirens topiary shapes from us with complete confidence.

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