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Choisya ternata Sundance


Golden Mexican Orange Blossom hedging

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A vibrant evergreen shrub with bright yellow foliage, Choisya ternata Sundance makes for a spectacular golden display with fragrant flowers and scented foliage. Golden Mexican Orange Blossom blooms beautifully in May and will sometimes have a second flowering in late summer or autumn. more ›
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Mexican Orange Blossom hedge - Golden (Choisya ternata Sundance) description

Choisya ternata Sundance is a great option for adding wildlife to any garden or space. Bees and butterflies love Golden Mexican Orange Blossom and are attracted to the sweet-smelling, star-shaped flowers as well as the aromatic foliage. Mexican Orange Sundance will add year round colour to any space with its golden yellow foliage and will flourish in a sunny, sheltered position.

Most popular uses of Choisya ternata Sundance hedges

Mexican Orange Blossom is a relatively low maintenance plant that is also very drought resistance. Choisya ternata Sundance is ideal for low-medium heights and looks great in urban gardens.

Combine Choisya ternata Sundance with

Choisya ternata Sundance looks great grown alone or combined with other varieties from our range of hedging shrubs.

Growth rate of Golden Mexican Orange Blossom

Mexican Orange Sundance has an average growth rate and should achieve 20-40cm per year. Choisya Sundance is ideal for heights between 1-2m and as well as being trimmed to a traditional shape, it can be left rather more fluffy for a more informal appearance.

Care advice for Mexican Orange Sundance hedges

Choisya ternata Sundance only requires pruning once a year in mid-late spring. Please view the Best4hedging Care and Planting instructions in our Advice section.

Recommended planting density of Mexican Orange Blossom hedging

For information on planting density, specific to Golden Mexican Orange blossom, please see the product table above. In the 'No. Per Metre' column you will find our recommended plant density for each individual plant species and root type.

Choisya ternata Sundance is available for purchase year round as Pot Grown plants.

Overall, our Choisya hedging plants are mainly UK grown under the care of our knowledgeable nursery staff. Occasionally, we source Mexican Orange Sundance hedging from outside of the UK. In this instance, we go to every length to ensure that our suppliers cannot be beaten on quality. At best4hedging we aim to make sure that your Choisya ternata Sundance plants reach you in the freshest condition and that they are of the highest quality, all whilst protecting our competitive prices. Rest assured, you can buy Choisya ternata Sundance hedges online with total confidence.

FeeFo Feedback

Choisya Ternata Sundance reviews

We ask all customers to provide their opinion to an independent feedback company. We cannot edit which comments appear and which do not, so the following reviews offer a true representation of our customers experience and we are very proud of our huge number of Excellent reviews. The comments on this page apply to this species/product specifically - to see the full feedback from all customers please visit Best4Hedging's Feefo profile.

Feedback for Choisya Ternata Sundance has been compiled from 12 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

Choisya Ternata Sundance

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Choisya Ternata Sundance

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Out of 30 plants only 15 could be salvaged. However within an hour of contacting customer service the problem was resolved replacement plants where received by a better courier within 2 days. Very good service.

Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge Plants - Golden

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  • Choisya Ternata Sundance

Good size

Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge Plants - Golden


Looks like a good product; would be as per webiste if packaged sufficiently

Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge Plants - Golden

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All plants look very healthy

Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge Plants - Golden

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Fast, efficient service, excellent plants arrived in perfect condition.

Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge Plants - Golden

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Always ready to offer a first class service. Thank you.

Mexican Orange Blossom - Golden

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Excellent service. A good range of plants to select from. Reasonable price for the height of plants. Well packed and plants look healthy on delivery. Very happy. Have ordered twice and will order more when needed.

Mexican Orange Blossom - Golden

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Mexican Orange Blossom Hedge - Golden

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Easy ordering, kept me informed from dispatch to delivery and the plants where well packed. The plants are now planted and look great.