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Customer Photo Gallery

We know a lot of you are very proud of your gardens, and based on the photos you send us, rightly so! We love seeing how the plants you buy from us are put to good use, and we thought you would too in this gallery. 

If you're suitably inspired and want to send us your own photo, whether that's your own wonderful back garden or borders, or even a professional landscaping job you've used us for, please feel free tag us or send a direct message to any of the following places: 

Box Border May 2018
Dwarf Box June 2015
Golden Privet November 2014
John Baumann July 2018
Grahame Beech April 2017
Grahame Beech March 2019
Hedgehog Alder April 2017
Emily Tray Cherry Laurel Pot December 2017
Fox December 2017
Sue Caton December 2017
Lisa Wilson August 2018
Spotted Laurel August 2014
Lisa Williams 2019