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Protective Mulch Cover

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easyMulch provides a simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly way for mulching your garden. Separating it from other mulch types such as leaf mulch, compost mulch and pine bark mulch, easyMulch is made from organic British straw and is distributed in a unique pellet form. The pellets are made especially for garden plants and can be used throughout borders, raised beds, planters and on fruit and vegetable plots, satisfying heaps of gardening needs. In addition, the pellets in production are sterilized at a high temperature (90°C+) and are therefore weed and disease free. 
Unlike wood mulch, this innovative planting essential is quick and easy to use and will remain as a protective cover for your plants as it will not blow away in strong winds or bring unwanted garden pests and diseases into your green space. 
Benefits to using easyMulch:
  • Highly absorbent garden mulch will retain up to 300% water by volume
  • Reduces weeds, gardens pests and diseases
  • The pellets are PH balanced and will not deplete soil nitrates
  • Quick and easy to use, simply spread and add water
  • No need for expensive fertilizers and weed killers
  • Cost effective
  • Enriches and improves soil structure
  • One bag (15kg) will cover 8m of hedging
  • Suitable for every root type
  • Pet friendly and unlike bark will not be carried out onto lawns by birds
  • The 15kg bags are easy to carry
  • Excess easyMulch pellets can be stored indefinitely and will not start composting   
  • It will easily last 12 to 14 months, but can be topped up as required 
  • The pellets can also be used to maintain soil moisture during germination
How to use easyMulch:
  • Remove any fallen leaves or unwanted growth from around the base of your plants and water the area
  • Spread one thick layer of easyMulch pellets over the soil
  • Using a garden hose, watering can or you can include an irrigation kit along your planting site, thoroughly soak the pellets until they achieve a darker colour
  • Leave for a few hours and once you return you will notice the pellets will have expanded (up to 4 times their size)
  • easyMulch will return to a lighter colour as and form a protective dry crust over the soil, although it will be moist below. 
  • Rake the mulch so that all of the soil is covered


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After watering easyMulch will eventually return to a lighter colour and form a protective cover. This cover, as it is dries, stops moisture escaping from the soil as well as weeds forming and helps prevent slug and snail attacks as they both are deterred by the dry spiky surface. Although rain water will slowly filter through this cap and find its way to the plant from the surrounding area, in very dry conditions, the protective cover may have to be broken down to allow more water in directly above the plant. It will release itself soon after.  

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