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Flowering Currant | Ribes Sanguinium

Ribes Sanguinium

Flowering Currant, or Ribes sanguineum, is a deciduous shrub first introduced to the UK from North America in the 19th century. The Scottish botanist, David Douglas, discoverer of the Douglas Fir, was responsible for bringing this attractive, flowering shrub to our gardens.

Etymology of Ribes Sanguinium

Ribes is thought to come from the Arabic ribas which is a plant previously used by physicians for its acidic properties. Sanguineum is Latin for 'blood red', pertaining to the colour of the deep pink flowers.

Flowering Currant has many common names and may be seen referred to as: Redflower currant, blood currant, winter currant or pink-flowering currant.

Benefits & Uses of a Flowering Currant Hedge

Flowering Currant hedges are great for supporting wildlife as the spring flowers are a good source of nectar for bees and butterflies whilst the dense foliage provides nesting cover for birds and small mammals. The summer berries are also popular with birds and if they aren't eaten by them can actually be picked for using at home. Although they have a tart flavour, they work well in home made jams, jellies, pies and syrups.

Interestingly, Ribes sanguineum is a pioneer species, which means that it will grow back from seeds or root crowns after a fire. So it is a good choice for planting in restoration areas.

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Flowering Currant | Ribes Sanguinium
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