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Flowering Hedges

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Flowering Hedging Plants

At best4hedging we offer a huge variety of flowering hedging perfect for adding ornamental value to your garden or planting scheme. Not only do our flowering hedges look fantastic, but many of them are also great for wildlife. Hedges with flowers can provide nectar and pollen, making them ideal for a bee-friendly garden. Many flowering species are also thorny, and these beautiful but dangerous hedging plants provide ideal refuge and food for all kinds of wildlife. 

Choice of flowering hedges

Whether you're looking for a flowering hedge with white, pink, orange, yellow, red or purple flowers - we have it all! Our fragrant flowering hedges come in a choice of flower shapes, from bells to stars and daisies to roses. Flowering hedging is a great choice for any garden with many of our varieties being evergreen, offering seasonal interest as well as year-round cover. You will also find prickly, flowering hedges and berrying, flowering hedges. Flowering hedges don't just look pretty, they are useful too. Our evergreen flowering hedges work well as a privacy screen and windbreak, whilst our flowering prickly hedges can be used as an intruder deterrent. For hedging with added colour on top of their flowers, we also have flowering hedge plants with colourful foliage

How to care for flowering hedges

Flowering hedges are no different to any other type of hedge. Most varieties require pruning once to twice a year. It's always a good idea to prune your flowering hedge once the flowers have died off as this encourages a better display the following year. The exception to this are some flowering shrubs such as Hydrangeas, which should have their dead flower heads left on over the winter till early spring to protect against frost. You can also apply a liquid feed, such as Seaweed fertiliser (found in our planting essentials department) to stimulate root growth.

If you need a little more help choosing the right hedge for your garden, why not check out our Most Popular Hedging Plants for inspiration.