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Forsythia Hedging | Forsythia Gold

Forsythia Gold

Forsythia is named after the Scottish Botanist, William Forsyth, who was the superintendent at both the Royal Gardens in Kensington and in St James Palace. He was also the founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). His great grandson is the entertainer Bruce Forsyth - quite the family!

History of Forsythia Hedging

Best for Hedging stock the wonderful variety Forsythia x Intermedia Lynwood Gold, introduced to Europe in 1880, which is a garden hybrid of Forsythia Suspensa and Forsythia Viridissima. These two species are thought of as the founding members of the Forsythia family. They are the earliest species brought to Western gardens from the Far East and have both played an integral role in shaping modern garden shrubs.

Forsythia Lynwood Gold has been honoured with the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. View the full range of Best4Hedging's RHS award winning hedging plants.

Forsythia is a flowering, deciduous plant with brightly coloured blossoms that burst into life in early spring, before the new foliage emerges. As it is quite an early flowering plant, it is a good source of nectar and pollen for pollinating insects. The four-lobed flowers become pendant in rainy weather which protects the reproductive parts.

Interesting Facts about Forythia Gold

  • Some superstitious families would not allow Forsythia in the house  as it was though of as unlucky!
  • It has been stated that Forsythia flowers have the ability to produce lactose (the sugar found in milk). However, this has yet to be confirmed.
  • Forsythia is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Chinese herbology and is known as liánqiáo. 
  • The branches of Forsythia are used to bow a Korean instrument called ajaeng.

Best4Hedging provide Forsythia in a range of sizes and root types, making it easy to find the right plant for your situation. If you're not yet decided, why not try our Right Plant, Right Place tool to help you find the best hedging plants for your garden.

Forsythia Hedging | Forsythia Gold
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