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Why Hedges Are Better Than Fences

There are lots of reasons why a hedge (in our opinion) will always be better than a fence. So if you’re peering into your windswept garden, onto a scene of horticultural carnage, with broken fence panels flung as far as the eye can see then this list is for you.


Possibly the most salient point for many people is that hedges work as an effective windbreak. Unlike fence panels, they allow some wind to pass through their foliage. When an 80mph wind batters into a solid fence panel the pressure on the wood is immense. A hedge will allow that wind to pass through its foliage, absorbing the force and slowing it down.


Hedging is vital for our wildlife, especially hedgehogs who need to travel from garden to garden. Fences stop these lovely creatures from getting to food, shelter and breeding sites. Birds will take shelter in hedges and bees will collect pollen and nectar from flowering varieties. Choose native hedging to be super wildlife-friendly, or for specifically attracting birds, try our RSPB Approved Bird Friendly Hedging.


Why hedges are better than fences


Some hedging species are higher maintenance than others, but generally one or two trims a year is all that is required to keep your hedge looking tip-top. Compared to the laborious job of re-staining fence panels, which is messy and unpleasant, we'd vote for a quick prune with a hedge trimmer every time.


Hedges make a great foil for flowers and other decorative plants in the garden. A colourful flower border will stand out even more against a solid sea of green from a plain hedge, whilst hedging shaped into Topiary can be used to punctuate the end of a hedgerow, or add height to a planting scheme. 

You Choose

We offer over one hundred different types of hedging plant, from the ever-popular Laurels, to Mixed Native Packs, you can choose hedging for its flowers, foliage, berries or all of the above! Plus many species will look different throughout the seasons. Did you want that fence panel in brown, or brown?


You can plant a new hedge for half the cost of a new fence, plus hedging plants don’t get worn out, they’ll last forever if taken care of properly.

Instant Effect

If an instant impact is important to you and you’re sure a fence is the only way to achieve that, think again! Many species grow very quickly, achieving the desired screening within the first year. Plus, we offer hedging of up to 5m in height so you can have an instant effect if preferred. For the quickest hedging effect however, we recommend our trough grown instant hedging


Security is often a concern in gardens around the UK and a tall fence feels like a good, safe bet for keeping out unwanted trespassers. However, we think hedges are even more effective!

Take a look at our range of Intruder Hedging – These varieties pack a seriously spikey punch that even the most determined of burglars won’t want to go one-on-one with, even if they can scale a 6-foot fence!

Add Value

We’ve worked with a lot of property developers and estate agents over the years, and they all agree that a hedge will add more value to your property than a boring old fence. So treat your new hedge as an investment in the resale value of your home.

Noise Pollution

The foliage of a hedge will act as a noise buffer as well as a screen. So if you’re near a busy road, or the sound of your neighbours reverberates around your otherwise peaceful outdoor space, a hedge is a great way of reducing the noise in your garden.