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Hedging for Full Sun

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Hedge Plants for Sun

We have a huge range of hedge shrubs for full sun sites or gardens. Although all plants need light for growth, different species can tolerate various levels of exposure. This impacts the development of the plant, including the foliage and flowering period; if a sun-loving plant is not exposed to the correct amount of direct sunlight, the leaf colour will not be as vibrant as possible and less flowers or fruits may be produced.

The best hedging plants for sunny sites can be drought tolerant and handle hot, dry environments, though we don’t have to worry about these conditions very often in the UK. Sometimes, the idea of ‘full sun plants’ can be misunderstood, so it’s important to realise that plants suited to a sunny position do not need continuous sunlight;  between 6 and 8 hours of sun a day is a healthy amount of exposure. Drought tolerant plants can handle slightly longer in direct sunlight.

Many plants for sunny gardens possess certain features which allow them to thrive in unfiltered sunlight. These include: an oily coating on the leaves, which minimises water loss; leaves and stems that can store water or deep root systems that reach water reserves far below the soil surface.

When planted in the correct position, you can rest assured that our hedging plants for full sun will develop wonderfully, without the need to worry about the foliage becoming wilted or scorched.