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Hedging Plants For Shade

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Hedging Plants for Shade

At Best4hedging, we are dedicated to providing hedging plants that suit your every need. Our selection of hedge shrubs for shade offer you the same attractive features as the rest of our plants, but are perfect if your garden does not receive a huge amount of sun exposure during the day.


There is often the misconception that the phrase ‘full shade’ means the plants does not need any sunlight at all; this is not true. Shade-loving plants require less than 3 hours of sunlight a day, but all plants need at least some light to survive.


Hedging plants for shaded sites often grow best when planted in dappled sunlight, this is when the direct sunlight is filtered through tree branches or the foliage of other plants.  Most plants for full shade are suited to a few hours of sun in the morning, however the strong afternoon sun can cause damage to these plants, so exposure to this must be avoided.


When the shade is caused by the cover of other shrubs or trees, you may find that the soil surrounding your plant can be quite dry. This problem is easily resolved; we recommend using RootGrow when planting to improve the plants root system, allowing it to reach any moisture that is available further below the surface. You can also use a simple soil check to determine whether you need to increase your watering; Collect a small sample of soil from about 2 inches below the surface and if the soil feels dry, then you need to water the plant more often, if the soil feels moist, there is no need to change your routine.