How do I plant instant hedging?

Planting instant hedging couldn't be easier. There’s no need to worry about calculating how many plants you need per metre as they have already been spaced out for you. Simply buy one 1m unit for every metre of hedge you require.

  • Dig your trench to roughly the same depth as your instant hedging trough (approx. 30cm and slightly smaller for instant box hedging) but allow space for digging in any organic matter such as horse manure.
  • Once your trench is ready, measure out how much rootgrow you will need and sprinkle into the bottom of the trench.
  • Next, remove the hedging unit from its trough or bag and place into the trench. Backfill, firming the soil down gently as you go.
  • Finally, give your hedge generous watering, step back and admire your new instant hedge!