If the ground is frozen, can I plant?

If not, how do I store my plants during cold weather?

When a ground frost is present it is usually only the top couple of inches of ground that is hard and cold, beneath the ground should still be a safe environment for your plants' root system. Due to the availability of bare root and root ball hedging it is inevitable that some orders will be delivered after a frost. Don’t panic!

You can either store your plants in a shed or garage where the conditions are dry and frost-free. Do not store your plants in a greenhouse as this can damage the root system and always remember to dampen the roots with water to ensure they remain moist. Or if you can dig the ground, go ahead and plant anyway – once the roots are protected by the soil your plants are safe from frost damage.

Top tip: If you’re concerned about an upcoming frost then prepare your ground in advance of delivery and cover with a frost-proof layer, such as tarpaulin, to keep the ground soft beneath. Then simply dig over once your hedge plants arrive.

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