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Instant Hedges

best4hedging’s instant hedge plants are mostly grown in one-metre troughs that are regularly clipped to shape as they grow and mature. Instant hedging features plants that are fairly mature and already knitted together forming a complete, ready-made hedge with an established look, which otherwise can take 2-5 years to develop. Our instant hedges also have the advantage of a firmly established root system providing a robust foundation which results in a high planting success rate. Instant hedges can be planted all year round and provide an immediate impact. Find out more here.

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Instant Hedge Plants

Our instant hedges are ready to plant and create a full hedge look immediately, for anyone wanting a ready-grown solution in the fastest time. We now offer an exclusive range available in our most popular hedging species.

Mature Hedging Plants Benefits

Mature hedging plants hold many benefits, which is why they a popular garden shrub and are in constant high demand.

Some of the benefits include:

  • An immediate effect, which is perfect if you’re looking for a quick-turnaround for garden improvements.
  • Instant hedges can be planted all year round, so you don’t have to rely on seasonal trends.
  • Compared to pot grown plants or root balls of a similar height, our mature hedging plants are frequently pruned to create a uniform height and width.
  • They can provide an impressive show-garden standard result.

Instant Hedging Alternatives

Although the price of instant hedging is higher than conventional hedge plants, the cost of our quality reflects the skill and time it takes to develop these species. However, best4hedging also provides a variety of hedge plants that might be suitable for your budget, such as root ball hedging plants.

Root ball plants are mature and bushy, but they’re not as regularly pruned compared to instant hedging. However, they’ll still have an incredible impact, but it will take longer to develop into the immediate hedge effect.

You can view best4hedging’s full range of root ball hedge plants here.

Aside from root ball hedging, tall pot grown hedge plants are also a good alternative. Although these shrubs won’t provide the instant effect, tall pot grown plants will offer fantastic height and bushiness to your garden.

You can view best4hedging’s tall pot grown hedge plants here.

Planting Instant Hedges

Our instant hedging troughs are 1m in length and require two strong people to lift. We advise preparing your planting hole in advance and sprinkling Rootgrow into the trench. Once your instant hedging arrives, lift it out from the trough or bag and into your planting hole, and backfill and water as usual.You can find more information on planting instant hedges here. For further assistance in choosing the right root type, or if you would like us to provide a quote on our high-quality instant hedges, call us on 01257 261 243 , or send an email to You can also request a call-back.