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Intruder Proof

Barrier Hedges

Intruder proof hedging is a great, cost-effective alternative to costly fencing. Intruder Proof hedges create a dense, prickly hedge that will deter intruders.

Benefits of planting intruder proof hedging

Intruder proof hedging can be anything from a dense, impenetrable hedging conifer to a treacherously thorny, burglar barrier. Nothing will thwart thieves quicker than a prickly hedge! Whether you're looking for a prickly shrub to plant underneath a window, or a 50m evergreen boundary hedge, you'll find the right intruder proof hedge right here.


Intruder proof hedging makes an ideal property boundary. And any of our quality hedges make a cost-effective alternative to fences which have a terrible habit of uprooting themselves in windy weather - Save yourself a lot of time and money and plant a hedge!


Intruder proof hedging is just as deserving of a place in your garden as our most ornamental garden hedges. Our huge range of intruder deterrent hedges include many attractive varieties that offer autumn colour, bright berries and/or pretty flowers making them very wildlife friendly too! 


For more information on planting the perfect intruder proof hedge, check out our hedge planting advice section.

Intruder Proof
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