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Ivy screens and hedging screens provide both the security of a fence with the environmental benefits and attractive finish of a hedge. When security, privacy and space are your priorities our range of living green screens are the perfect solution. Our Hedera screens are grown on galvanised, steel frames that ensure a secure perimeter. Our Ivy screens are 1.8m tall and our range of Hedge screens are 1.5m tall. If you require taller hedging screen, please just let us know as the frames can be extended.

  • Best Features: Instant privacy, security, space-saving, wildlife friendly
  • Suited to: Business premises, creating green areas in cities, family gardens
  • Ideal for: 1.5m+
  • Also Consider: Our range of Pre-clipped instant hedging
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How to care for Ivy Screens

We only use Hedera helix 'Woerneri', a slower growing variety that does not self-attach. Brackets for joining multiple screens together are provided, you just need to buy the posts, metal or wood, from your local DIY store. Our Ivy green screens only require pruning once a year and will completely cover their steel frames within 12-18 months.

We also have access to a choice of hedging screens, including Beech, Hornbeam and Pyracantha. Again, they only need pruning once a year to look neat and tidy. Please contact us for a bespoke quote on non-Ivy hedging screens. 

How to install Hedging Screens

Each hedge screen can be handled easily and weighs 35kg. Installation of hedging screens is simple and can be managed by 1-2 able bodied persons, however you can also ask your local landscaper to do this for you if needed.

  • Firstly, dig a trench 30cm wide and 40cm deep
  • Position the posts 1.3m apart, we recommend using concrete for stability but this is not mandatory
  • Check the quality of your soil, loosen, add water if it's dry and mix in some general purpose compost. We also advise using rootgrow, which you simply sprinkle into the trench before planting
  • Place the screens into the trenches, lining up the biodegradable pot so it sits just below the surface of the surrounding soil
  • secure all the brackets making sure none of the plants are damaged
  • Backfill and firm the soil don't gently
  • Water thoroughly, directly to the the base of the plants, straight after planting

With an increased awareness in reducing pollution as well increasing our green areas within cities and urban environments, living fence panels are a great solution. They help to reduce noise and air pollution whilst also acting as a windbreak. The different species are all wildlife friendly and offer the security of a fence with the benefits of a hedge - hence their nickname the fedge!

For more information on our range of living green screens, call us on 01257 261 243 to talk to a member of our experienced Sales and Service team.

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