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  • Juneberry shrubs
  • Close up of Amelanchier lamarckii leaves
  • June Berry hedging with spring flowers
  • Close up of June Berry leaves with autumn colour
  • Amelanchier leaves changing from red to green

Juneberry shrubs


Amelanchier lamarckii

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Juneberry shrubs are an absolute delight! Their pretty, star shaped flowers are a lovely white in spring whilst their edible fruits are dark red in summer and purple-black in autumn. The fruits of Juneberry are a favourite with birds, they may get to the apple flavoured treats before you! The new foliage of Amelanchier lamarckii is pink and silky, maturing into a rich green through summer and a warm gold in autumn.

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  • Best Features: Edible fruit, autumn colour, star shaped white flowers
  • Ideal For Hedges: up to 3m
  • Growth Rate: Average | 30-40cm
  • Position: Sunny, moist to normal soil, sheltered or exposed, inland or coastal
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June Berry (Amelanchier lamarckii) description

Amelanchier lamarckii prefers a moist but well-drained soil in an exposed or sheltered site with full sun.

Most popular uses for Amelanchier lamarckii hedging

June Berry is a great wildlife friendly hedge, also ideal for screening purposes.

Combine Amelanchier lamarckii hedges with

Why not mix your June Berry plants with other native hedging.

Growth rate of June Berry hedging

June Berry has an average growth rate and should achieve 30-40cm per year. Amelanchier lamarckii is great for desired heights of 1-4m.

Care advice for June Berry

A light prune in late winter or early spring is all that June Berry hedges require. Please view the Best4hedging Care and Planting instructions in our Advice section.

Suggested planting density for Amelanchier lamarckii

For information on planting density relating to Amelanchier lamarckii hedge plants, please see the product table above. In the 'No. Per Metre' column you will find our recommended plant density for each individual plant species and root type.

June Berry hedge plants are available as Bare Roots and will be delivered from early autumn and can be pre-ordered from mid-summer. You can also purchase pot grown Juneberry plants year round.

The majority of our June Berry Hedging is UK grown by our on-hand nursery specialists who have years of knowledge and experience. Occasionally, we source Amelanchier lamarckii hedging from outside of the UK. In this instance, we go to every length to ensure our suppliers cannot be beaten on quality. At best4hedging we endeavour to provide the freshest condition Amelanchier lamarckii plants at the highest possible standard, all whilst maintaining our great prices. Rest assured, you can buy June Berry hedges online with total confidence.

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June Berry Hedge reviews

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Juneberry shrubs

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Good plants but I ordered 6 different hedging plants one of which was not available and none of the plants were labelled
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Juneberry shrubs

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Wrong size. Definitely not the right size have emailed to complaint
Review submitted by a

Juneberry shrubs

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Juneberry shrubs

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Juneberry shrubs


Bigger than I thought it would be when I received it which was pleasing. It has been planted and is doing well
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