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  • Mature Lonicera nitida hedge
  • Close up of Shrubby Honeysuckle leaves
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Lonicera nitida hedge plants


Shrubby Honeysuckle hedging

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Lonicera nitida hedge plants have small, dark green foliage and a dense, bushy growth habit. The glossy foliage takes well to pruning, making Lonicera hedging ideal for formal situations. A very popular evergreen, Lonicera nitida makes it into the Best4hedging top 10.

  • Best Features: Glossy evergreen foliage, year-round interest, good in shade as well as sun
  • Ideal For Hedges: 1m-3m high
  • Growth Rate: Fast | 40-60cm a year
  • Position: Most normal soils, sunny to full shade, sheltered inland
  • Also Consider: Box (Buxus sempervirens) for a lower growing option, with small evergreen foliage, similar to that of a Lonicera nitida hedge more ›
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Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge (Lonicera nitida) description

Lonicera nitida hedging provides year-round interest with delicate, fragrant, creamy flowers appearing in spring, followed by bluish-purple berries in the autumn. The dark foliage is densely packed on the supple branches of Lonicera hedging, providing an attractive hedging screen.

Best uses for Lonicera nitida hedge plants

This evergreen hedging is ideal for both shaded and sunny spots. A Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge is useful for its dense, lasting foliage and fast growth rate and makes a great privacy screen and noise muffler. Lonicera nitida hedge plants are suited to most soil types, except very wet or exposed sites. Lonicera hedging can be trimmed into a neat shape and suits a formal setting; however, it can also be left a little bushy for a more relaxed garden style.

Combine Lonicera nitida hedging with

Consider growing Lonicera nitida hedging with Golden Honeysuckle for an alternative colour combination, or grow alone for a classic Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge.

Growth rate of a Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge

Lonicera hedging has a fast growth rate and will achieve about 40-60cm a year. A Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge looks at its best when maintained at a height of between 1m and 3m.

Care advice for Lonicera nitida hedge plants

Although Lonicera nitida is considered to be a low maintenance shrub, we recommend trimming your Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge between two and three times a year to uphold a neat shape. Pruning should be carried out in the summer and autumn. Please view our Hedging Advice page for further information on caring for Lonicera nitida hedging.

Recommended planting density for Lonicera hedging

For information on planting density specific to Lonicera nitida hedging, please see the product table below. In the 'No. Per Metre' column you will find our recommended plant density for each individual species and root type. Visit our advice section for further planting density advice.

Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge plants are available to purchase year-round as Cell Grown or Pot Grown plants. In the dormant season (usually November - late April/early May), Lonicera nitida is available to buy as bare roots, which can be pre-ordered from mid-summer.

The core of our Lonicera nitida hedge plants are UK grown by horticultural professionals with years of nursery and growing know-how. On occasions, we find it necessary to source Lonicera nitida from carefully inspected growers based outside of Britain, where we are positive that the quality of the plants cannot be faulted. At Best4hedging, we always do our utmost to make sure that your plants arrive in the freshest condition and that they are of the finest quality, whilst upholding our brilliant prices. By doing this, it allows you to buy Shrubby Honeysuckle hedge plants online with total confidence that the plants you receive will meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations.

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Lonicera nitida hedge plants reviews

We ask all customers to provide their opinion to an independent feedback company. We cannot edit which comments appear and which do not, so the following reviews offer a true representation of our customers experience and we are very proud of our huge number of Excellent reviews. The comments on this page apply to this species/product specifically - to see the full feedback from all customers please visit Best4Hedging's Feefo profile.

Feedback for Lonicera nitida hedge plants has been compiled from 7 customer reviews

Date Product Score Customer Comment

Lonicera nitida hedge plants


I paid extra for te 400 to 600mm plants. None of them are 600mm tall and some aren’t even 400mm tall.
Some of the plants arrived damaged because the were packed two rows high with the upper plants on top of the lower row
They could have more carefully stacked to avoid this damage
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Lonicera nitida hedge plants


The plants were bone dry and looked dead. A great number of the leaves had come off them and were loose in the box. I have put them in a bucket of water to see if I can revive them.
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Lonicera nitida hedge plants

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Great bushy plants. Has made a big difference filling in some gaps in my hedge!
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Lonicera nitida hedge plants


Good price, healthy plants, good service
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Lonicera nitida hedge plants


Good service and healthy plants
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Lonicera nitida hedge plants


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