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Moist Soil

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Hedging for Damp Soil

Browse our wide selection of hedges for damp soil. We define our moist soil category as; any soil that is damp underfoot but not so wet that you would sink in. If you have identified your site as having moist soil, you'll find the perfect hedging plants right here.


Choosing hedging plants for moist soils

Although very wet soils can cause problems for some species of plant, the majority of hedging plants are happy to live in a moist soil. As long as your site is not prone to long periods of water logging or flooding, our hedging plants for moist soils will be perfectly suited. Many plants thrive in a slightly moist but well-drained site and we have carefully organised our huge range of hedging plants for you to easily pick the right plants for your garden.


Some of our hedging plants for moist soils will also be suited to normal soil types and wet soil types, but they're all great for planting in moist soils. To see more detailed information regarding preferred planting sites, read the bullet points listed on each product page.


So, if you've previously struggled finding the right plants for your moist soil, we've got you covered. You can choose any of the quality hedging plants listed below and once planted properly, they will thrive in your garden's moist soil.