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Mona Plantsava System Tanks

Mona Plantsava Irrigation Tanks are an excellent solution for watering plant displays in interior and exterior landscaping projects and placing on pots and planters. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes they can be incorporated into containerised plants to provide water and nutrients at the plant's roots. Unlike dripper irrigation systems, the Plantsava Irrigation System uses the process of capillary action to feed the plant where it needs water the most- at its roots.

The Plantsava Irrigation tanks are available in a variety of shapes of sizes dependant on the application. Simple and effective, the Mona Plantsava system is the most reliable and natural way to maintain effective irrigation of plants. By using the plant's natural capillary action and allowing the plants to feed and water themselves; you gain bigger, stronger and longer lasting plants. Perfect for all types of planters, both indoor and outdoor, flower beds, window boxes and hanging baskets. An environmentally friendly product: 100% water efficient and made from recycled material in the UK.

There are nine sizes of Plantsava available, each tank can be simply installed at the bottom of the planter where it will act as a reservoir and feed the plant as and when required. The plant will only take on the water it requires and in optimum conditions will require refilling once every six weeks.