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Native Trees

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Trees native to the UK make up some of our most popular garden varieties. Native trees are steeped in history, with a rich past in mythology, literature, religion and culture.

With deep roots in British culture, our native trees are important to us both emotionally and ecologically.

Native trees throughout history

  • The leaves of English Oak trees were used to make crowns for Kings and it was this tree that was featured on the 1987 pound coin. It is a symbol of strength and inspiration having been used as the emblem of many organisations including the Woodland Trust. Robur is actually Latin for strength and the oak tree was sacred to Greek, Roman and Celtic Gods.
  • Long living Beech trees are popular for their foliage which creates a dense canopy and also changes from green to copper brown through the seasons. Sitting beneath a Beech tree is wonderfully peaceful and on a sunny day, the leaves cast a lovely dappled shadow over the ground.
  • Some find it difficult to distinguish between two of our most popular native trees, Beech and Hornbeam, as the leaves are quite similar. However, if you look carefully you'll see that hornbeam leaves are smaller and more deeply ridged. Just like Beech, although Hornbeam is deciduous it holds onto its leaves through winter providing shelter to wildlife and coverage to gardens/boundaries.

The benefits of planting native trees

  • Trees native to the UK are helpful to a wider range of wildlife compared to introduced species
  • Native trees are better suited to the surroundings and more likely to thrive, especially in difficult conditions
  • Native trees help to maintain the British landscape and its natural heritage

We have a great range of none native trees as well which still offer many benefits, both aesthetically and ecologically. Trees look wonderful when mixed with hedging and can be easily incorporated into a mixed native hedge.