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  • Collage of Blackthorn mixed native hedging
  • Mixed Blackthorn hedge
  • Blackthorn berries
  • Dog rose flower
  • Field maple leaf
  • Yellow catkins in spring
  • Wild cherry blossom
  • Hawthorn berries on a mixed native hedge

Native Hedging - Blackthorn Base


Native Hedge Plants

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What's inside our Native Hedging? Blackthorn, Dog Rose, Field Maple, Hazel, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn

A prickly mix containing six different native plant species, this mixed Blackthorn hedging pack provides a range of complementary plants that boast flowers, nuts, sloes, hips and haws for a wildlife friendly, diverse native hedge mix.

  • Best Features: Wildlife friendly, seasonal interest, flowers and berries
  • Ideal For Hedges: 1m - 4m high
  • Growth Rate: Average | 20-40cm a year
  • Position: Most normal or moist (not wet) soils, sunny to full shade, sheltered or exposed inland
  • Also Consider: Our Hawthorn based mixed hedging pack or other native hedging plants to create your own mixed hedge more ›
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Mixed Native hedging pack - Blackthorn base (Mixed blackthorn hedge) description

Our mixed hedging packs have been carefully collated to ensure the best native mix for all UK climates; this mixed Blackthorn hedge will thrive, whether you are in the north of Scotland or southern Cornwall! Best4hedging's mixed native hedging plants are the perfect way to attract wildlife into your garden and create a vibrant, diverse feature hedge.

Bare root bundles consist of a base of 50% Blackthorn and 10% of each of the following;

Cell grown mixed Blackthorn hedging bundles are made-up in different proportions. Blackthorn accounts for 40-50% and 10-12% of the bulleted varieties above.

Please note, for our tallest mixed pack (120/150cm) our Dog Rose plants are supplied at 90/120cm. As it is a relatively fast growing species, it will soon catch up to the other species in your hedging pack.

Please note the species contained in this pack are subject to change slightly due to seasonal availability.

Most popular uses for Mixed Blackthorn hedging

These mixed Blackthorn hedge plants are ideal for paddocks and agricultural use. A mixed Blackthorn hedge also makes a great, striking garden feature and is useful in windy spots, able to tolerate harsh weather conditions.

Combine Mixed Blackthorn hedging with

You can combine this mixed hedging pack with other native species, such as; Crab Apple, Elder, Guelder Rose and Holly. Take a look at our native hedging section for inspiration.

Expected growth rate for Mixed Native hedging

Your mixed Blackthorn hedge will have an average growth rate of 20-40cm a year and is ideal to maintain at a height of 1m - 4m.

Care advice for Mixed Native hedging

At Best4hedging, we recommend trimming your native hedge in summer for a neat shape and to encourage healthy growth. It is also possible to hard prune your mixed Blackthorn hedge in late autumn if required. For more information, please view our Hedging Care Advice page.

Suggested planting density for Mixed Blackthorn hedging

For information on planting density specific to your mixed native hedging, please see the product table below. In the 'No. Per Metre' column you will find our recommended plant density for each individual plant species and root type.

Our mixed hedging packs are available in a number of different root types. Cell Grown plants are available year-round and, from November, Bare Roots can be planted. You can pre-order bare rooted, mixed Blackthorn hedge plants from mid-summer.

Our mixed native hedging packs are UK grown by horticultural experts. On the very odd occasion that we source native plants from overseas, we only use reliable growers who have undergone rigorous quality checks. At Best4hedging, we continually endeavour to bring you the freshest, highest quality plants at low, competitive prices, so you can buy mixed native hedging online with confidence.

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Native Hedging - Blackthorn Base reviews

We ask all customers to provide their opinion to an independent feedback company. We cannot edit which comments appear and which do not, so the following reviews offer a true representation of our customers experience and we are very proud of our huge number of Excellent reviews. The comments on this page apply to this species/product specifically - to see the full feedback from all customers please visit Best4Hedging's Feefo profile.

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Native Hedging - Blackthorn Base

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  • RHS Endorsed Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi

Healthy plants with excellent root growth
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Native Hedging - Blackthorn Base


Perfect,from enquiry through queries to delivery, plants were in good condition
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Native Hedging - Blackthorn Base


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Native Hedging - Blackthorn Base

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  • RHS Endorsed Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi

Bare root plants do not look much at this time of year (Nov) but we are hoping for strong growth in the spring.
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On 20-Nov-2017 the supplier responded:
Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We are very grateful and pleased you are happy with your order. Yes we agree bare roots do not look very impressive when they arrive this time of year but we are confident you will achieve a healthy looking hedge come spring! Let us know how they get on.

Your feedback helps us improve our service. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01257 261 243 and email

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