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Photinia Hedging Plants

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Photinia Hedge Plants

Photinia Red Robin is one of the few hedging plants that is more commonly known by its Latin name, rather than its common name. Photinia comes from the Greek word 'photeinos' which means shiny. This is thought to refer to the glossy foliage that makes Photinia x Fraseri so popular.


The key characteristic of Photinia is the bright red, young foliage that bursts into life in spring. As it matures, it develops into a dark greeny-red giving this evergreen hedging wonderfully vibrant, year-round interest. The glossy foliage is accompanied by small white flowers in spring, which are then sometimes followed by fruits. The fruits are eaten by birds, making this a good wildlife plant. It is however poisonous to grazing animals. To ensure the most vibrant foliage colour, plant your Photinia Red Robin hedges in a sunny position and water well.


Best4hedging also stock compact Photinia hedging (Photinia x Fraseri Little Red Robin) and Photinia Topiary in a range of shapes and sizes. Compact Photinia is ideal for gardens that require a smaller but still densely packed hedge. Topiary is a fantastic way to make a feature of your doorways and entrance ways. Adding a pair of colourful Photinia Topiary lollipops to your home will certainly make the neighbours jealous!


Photinia - A Christmas favourite

Photinia hedging is also referred to as Christmas Berry due to its distinctive red and green colour scheme. The young, red foliage is also used in flower arranging, especially red themed, seasonal bouquets. Photinia Red Robin topiary makes a fantastic Christmas gift and will brighten up the gardens of your family and friends.


Origin of Photinia Red Robin Hedging

This species is a hybrid of Photinia serratifolia and Photinia glabra. These varieties resulted in a chance seedling in 1940 at Fraser Nurseries in Alabama. The hybrid Photinia Red Robin originated in New Zealand and has the most vibrant juvenile red foliage out of all Photinias.

When planting a new hedge, make sure you are fully equipped! Take a look at our Hedge Planting Essentials and our Planting Advice to ensure you have everything you need. You can also watch our quick how to plant a hedge YouTube videos.


Common Misspellings of Photinia

photina, photonia, photenia, photina red robin, photynia, photinnia, photyina, photiania, phatina, phatina, photina