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Pleached Beech Trees


Pleached Fagus sylvatica

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Our pleached Beech trees provide a stunning, instant screen of the highest quality. One of Britain's favourite hedging plants, Beech is known for its bright green foliage that transforms to striking shades of copper and orange in autumn.

Pleached trees are also often referred to as hedging in the sky, hedges on stilts, stilt hedging or pleached hedging. This method of training was popularly used to create pleached avenues or pleached allées. Pleached trees consist of a tall clear stem, on top of which a mature screen is grown. All of our pleached hedging is grown by specialists who are experts in training these beautiful trees. We have a great range of Pleached Beech hedging listed below but if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, just give us a call on 01257 261 243.

The prices listed below include delivery costs providing that our articulated lorry can access the property. If a smaller delivery vehicle is required please call us for a bespoke delivery quote.

Delivery Information for Pleached Trees

Photos of the actual stock you would receive can be provided on request - [email protected] more ›
Delivery Info

About Pleached trees

Clear stem = the bare stem or 'leg' that the pleached hedge is grown on

Head = the leafy hedge screen on top of the clear stem

Girth = the circumference of the stem measured 1m up from ground level

So, if Clear stem = 2m and Head = 1.8m x 1.2m then the total height will be 3.2m and total width 1.8m.

Delivery of pleached trees

We have years of experience supplying quality pleached trees to UK gardens and are well versed in the logistics required for creating a bespoke delivery solution. Pleached trees can take up to two weeks to be delivered and the prices listed below include delivery costs. All prices assume that we can access your property with an articulated lorry. If your property cannot take delivery from an articulated lorry we can still deliver to you, using a smaller vehicle, however this would incur a delivery supllement which differs depending on postcode and order quantity. Our experienced Sales and Service team will contact you directly to quote for this. We know it’s important  that your pleached trees are delivered when you expect them, so as well as discussing any access issues we will also organise delivery for a date that suits you.

These instant hedging units require a fair amount of help on your part once they arrive, we advise that the smaller units require 2 able people to lift. The more mature, heavier units require several (4+) able bodied helpers or better yet a forklift or similar moving equipment.

All pleached trees are delivered from October -April/May as root balls and can be pre-ordered year round. We can also source containerised pleached trees outside of these months, just call us for more information.

Best4hedging also supply a great range of traditional Beech hedging plants.

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