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Privet hedge plants

Ligustrum ovalifolium hedging

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Privet hedge plants also referred to by its Latin name Ligustrum ovalifolium, have lustrous, dark-green foliage. A semi-evergreen hedging species, Ligustrum ovalifolium is one of best4hedging’s top 10. Ligustrum ovalifolium has stunning oval leaves that clip beautifully, to create a dense and neat form that thrives in most soil conditions and position. Privet hedge plants are a popular choice for hedging and carry many benefits, including being a fast-growing shrub. It’s also ideal for garden screening, windproofing and noise reduction, as well as being tolerant of pollution, making it the perfect hedging choice for built-up, urban areas. While this shrub boasts stunning creamy white flowers that appear during the summer months, they are generally trimmed off. 

  • Best Features: Dark glossy foliage, pollution tolerant, year-round interest
  • Ideal For Hedges: 1m-4m high
  • Growth Rate: Average to Fast | 30-60cm a year
  • Position: Most normal soils, sunny, semi-shade, sheltered or exposed, inland and coastal
  • Also Consider: As well as Common Privet, we also stock other varieties of Privet hedging, including Golden Privet, which offers variegated, evergreen foliage and Wild Privet, with a slightly more natural, bushier habit providing a less formal aesthetic.

*Please note, 1 bare root = 1 Privet plant, not a bundle of plants. We use a mixture of bare root photos taken in leaf from our growing sites in summer, as well as during the bare root planting season when Privet may be defoliated.

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Ligustrum ovalifolium Plant Description

If you’re looking for a relatively low-maintenance garden hedge, Ligustrum ovalifolium is worth considering. Not only is it an average-to-fast-growing hedge plant that is easy to clip, it boasts attractive foliage that makes a fantastic aesthetic addition to a cottage or informal garden but works just as well when used for a formal display. With the leaves being semi-evergreen, it means that some or most of them will fall during winter, particularly if planted in strongly exposed or coastal sites. Generally, however, most of the foliage lasts well through the winter months, particularly once more established. Ligustrum ovalifolium flowers when blossomed and if left untrimmed, provides a stunning feature in July and August. The berries attract a wide variety of beautiful birds and are popular with wildlife. 

Common Uses of Ligustrum ovalifolium

Privet hedges when planted in optimal conditions, form a strong compact screen that supports noise reduction, windproofing, tolerant to pollution and acts as a privacy screen. It’s the perfect hedging to own for those living in urban areas. Ligustrum ovalifolium is an evergreen, robust plant. It grows well in all, but very wet soils with a preferred position of full sun exposure or partial shade. Coastal sites and exposure pose no problem for Privet hedging, though in these situations some foliage may be lost in the winter.

Combine Privet Hedges

Privet hedging is classically grown alone, as this allows the striking foliage to take centre stage and create an impressive feature in your garden, without the need for companion plants for added impact. 

Growth Rate of Ligustrum ovalifolium

Ligustrum ovalifolium has an average to fast-growth rate, achieving about 40-60cm a year. The final height of this hedge plant can be easily maintained between 1-4m, providing a manageable, neat hedge for your garden.

Care Advice for Privet Hedging

When it comes to maintaining your Privet hedge, we advise trimming it at least twice a year in May and August. This is so the plant can preserve its form while ensuring your hedging remains neat. However, Ligustrum ovalifolium can be trimmed more often, should you require a more formal shape. Please note, Privet hedging can defoliate (lose its leaves prematurely) when transferred. This is more common with bare roots plants, but it can also occur with root balls and pot grown plants too. If this was to happen, rest assured that Ligustrum ovalifolium often recovers well during spring and there is no permanent damage. For more information, best4hedging has put together a useful guide to hedging care, which can be found in our Advice section.

Suggested Planting Density of Privet Hedge Plants

If you require some additional information regarding Privet hedging and planting density, please see the product table. In the 'No. Per Metre' column, you will find our recommended plant density for each plant species and root type. You can find more planting density information here.

best4hedging has cell-grown and pot-grown Privet hedge plants available all-year-round, with bare roots and root balls plants available to pre-order in mid-summer and delivered from October/November through to late April/early May.

The vast majority of our Privet hedges are grown by our expert horticultural team. However, occasionally we source Ligustrum ovalifolium plants from Europe, though when this is required, we only ever use carefully selected nurseries that meet our high-quality standards. At best4hedging, we aim to provide high-quality plants at great low prices. We do everything we can to ensure that your plants reach you in the freshest condition so that you can buy Ligustrum ovalifolium online in full confidence that you are receiving a top-rate service.



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