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Special Offers

Here at best4hedging we know how important it is for you to get the very best value for money in all of your purchases which is why we offer a great range of Special Offers which are updated regularly.

Our Special Offer plants aren't end-of-line stock or rejects from the sick-bay as you'd find in many nurseries, instead our Special Offers cover the things that are most popular with you, our customers and are never compromised on quality. We don't just discount our small plants either, you'll find slashed prices on everything from 10cm plants to 4 metre monsters and instant hedging too.

Because almost every species has at least one plant size on Special we don't have a specific Special Offer section - it would be massive! Instead we highlight the special offers on product pages in red with a strike through like the example below.

We hope you find exactly what you're looking for at a price that's impossible to beat! If you get stuck then our handy 'right plant, right place' section may be the thing for you, alternatively check out our most popular hedging plants here. If you're still in need of a helping hand then feel free to give our friendly team a call or drop them an email, they can be contacted on 01257 261 243 or [email protected]