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English Yew Easy Hedge Instant Hedging Element 150cm high x 1m wide

Taxus baccata

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English Yew is a conifer type hedge known for its classic style, dense evergreen foliage and long history of being used as hedging in the UK.  A popular native species, English Yew is easy to maintain and makes the ideal evergreen privacy screen. It’s also very versatile growing in any light condition including shade and tolerates most soils except for very wet soil. (Min order quantity of 3 on this item).

English Yew Easy Hedge Elements offer an economical and time-saving instant hedging solution compared to standard instant hedging troughs. They need less ground preparation, they are lightweight, easy and quick to install giving you a complete hedge look in no time.

Produced in a new type of growth system that encourages the fine root production necessary for healthy growth, English Yew Easy Hedge Elements have a high planting success rate, plus you get beautifully straight and ready-trimmed hedges too.

Supplied in 1m long sections of hedge, it's easy to work out how many sections you need to order. Each purchase comes with a comprehensive planting kit that contains all the specific equipment needed to install the hedge and ensure healthy growth and development. The kit also includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to guide you. (Please read our further information section for a full list of equipment supplied in the kit and what you will also need to install the hedge).

Benefits of using Easy Hedge Instant Hedging Elements.

Planting Information

Each Easy Hedge instant hedging element weighs less than 20kg compared to an average of 35kg for standard instant hedging troughs, making it easier to handle, even for one person.

Installing a row of Easy Hedge elements can be a DIY job done by one person, however if you wish you can ask a local landscaper to do this for you. Each purchase comes with a full planting kit including detailed, step-by-step instructions. Each kit covers 5m of hedging and contains the following:

Equipment to be provided by customer

Before planting

1) Each Easy Hedge Element's root system will come wrapped in stretch foil to retain moisture during transport and prevent damage. The foil should be removed before the units are planted.

2) Before starting to dig the shallow trench for planting, loosen the soil first to around a depth of 30cm. This will allow the fine roots to easily seek out water and nutrients to establish quicker.

More Information

More Information
Berry ColourRed
Semi EvergreenNo
Flower ColourYellow
Has BerriesYes
Is EdibleNo
Intruder ProofNo
Privacy HedgeYes
Plant GuaranteeYes