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Westland Farmyard Manure (Gro-Sure) (50L)

  • £6.99 (ex VAT)

Westland’s Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure is designed to enrich your soil and increase fertility in your plants. Gro-Sure is a rich organic compost with no green waste and is perfect for both planting and mulching. Your plants are sure to grow stronger with vibrant foliage and flowers.

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Westland Farmyard Manure (Gro-Sure) (50L) description

Gro-Sure is the perfect organic matter to not only add nutrients to your soil, it will also bind the nutrients in your soil to prevent any soil quality from being washed away by rain. This product is a crucial aid in the development of high-quality plants and we couldn’t recommend it enough!

Directions for Use:

When gardening with manure, make sure you pop your gardening gloves on before you get started.


  • Dig a generous area around your plants, as deep as the roots are long
  • Mix 1-part Gro-Sure to 2-part soil
  • Line the planting hole and spread the mixture around the roots
  • Fill the rest of your hole with the mixture

Soil Conditioning:

  • Spread an even layer of 5cm-8cm over the soil
  • Fork the Gro-Sure into your soil to a depth of 15-20cm

When soil conditioning, this process is incredibly impactful when working with light, sandy soil and it will assist the retention of moisture in your soil.

Turf Prep:

  • Spread a 5cm-8cm deep layer across the surface of your turf area
  • Dig 15cm into the surface of the soil

This process will improve drainage and ensure the success of your new lawn.


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