What are the benefits of planting bare root hedging plants?

The low price of bare root hedge plants is in no way an indication that bare root plants are of a lesser standard than any of the other root types we have available. Bare roots are an excellent, cost-effective option, especially when planting in large quantities. The reason that bare roots are less expensive than other root types, such as pot grown plants, is that they cost a lot less to grow, care for and despatch. Bare roots are grown in a field so they do not require annual re-potting, which reduces the growing cost. As bare roots do not carry with them a large amount of soil, they cost less for us to transport which also lowers the purchase price for you, the customer.

We regularly advise our customers to purchase bare root hedge plants when they require a large quantity of plants. It works out cheaper to purchase bare root plants than if you were to buy the same amount of plants in a different root type.

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