What does instant hedging mean?

Best4hedging offer a fantastic range of instant hedges, available in our most popular hedging species, which are perfect for achieving an established hedge quickly. Instant hedging refers to hedge units that have been grown in troughs (usually a metre long). These trough grown hedges have been regularly pruned whilst allowing the plants to knit together to form a solid hedging unit. Not only do the hedge plants knit together, so do the root systems, which makes for a strong, healthy hedge with a high success rate. Our instant hedges are delivered in their troughs or bags and can be planted at any time of year, making them a convenient planting choice.

This instant hedge effect requires the skilled work of experienced nursery staff and to achieve this look in your own garden, with individual hedge plants, could take between 2-5 years. The time, skill and resources that go into growing these pre-clipped hedging troughs are reflected in their price. However, the immediate effect of planting any of our instant hedging troughs is completely worthwhile and will provide you with a show-garden quality hedge, instantly.

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