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Yew Hedging | Taxus Hedge Plants

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Taxus Hedge Plants

Frequently referred to as the 'King of Hedges', Yew is a popular native evergreen conifer that works well as a privacy screen providing year round cover. Best for hedging stock a huge range of yew hedging in a variety of root types suitable for all gardens.


Wildlife value of a Yew Hedge

Yew hedges make fantastic wildlife sanctuaries. Birds, such as Robins, Starlings, Blackbirds and the Great Spotted Woodpecker enjoy the red berries whilst Wrens find it the perfect nesting site. Honey bees also visit Taxus Baccata hedging as it is an early source of pollen. It is a great plant for tough sites as it tolerates sunny or shaded positions and unlike other conifers it will regrow if cut back hard into old wood.


Longevity of Yew Hedging

If you're looking for a plant that ages well, Yew is the right choice. The yew tree is thought to be one of the oldest living things in Europe, however it is very hard to judge. The boughs have a tendency to hollow out as they age so making ring counts is impossible! It is thought the secret to its longevity comes from its ability to split under the weight of its growth without the fractures yielding to disease.


Taxus Baccata throughout history

Yew trees have played a significant role through history including religion, culture and literature. Yew trees have been planted in Christian churchyards for hundreds of years and symbolise life and death. Their leaves are used for decorative purposes on Good Friday. In Egyptian culture the foliage was used as a symbol of mourning and this tradition was passed on to the Romans and Greeks.

The legend of Robin Hood also incorporates the many uses of Yew. It is thought that Robin and Little John's bows were made from Yew wood, a common material at that time. Robin Hood was also thought to have wed Maid Marrion underneath a Yew tree.

The symbolic meaning of Yew trees has made its mark on Literature as well. Shakespeare, Tennyson and Wordsworth have all mentioned the association with death and funerals throughout their work.

If you're looking for something slightly different, please take a look at our wide range of native hedging plants for more inspiration.

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Common Misspellings of Yew

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