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10 reasons to choose Pyracantha Hedging

8 April 2022

Pyracantha hedging, also known as ‘Firethorn’ – The Greek name for ‘pyr’ being fire and ‘akanthos’ meaning thorn, is a genus of thorny evergreen shrubs in the family Rosaceae and is one of our most popular hedges with berries. I’m sure you can guess that with a name like that, it’s an exciting addition to any garden design as it’s can bring a garden to life with its fiery colours. Want to find out more? Here’s our ten reasons to choose Pyracantha:


Its spiky nature makes it the perfect intruder barrier as its branches are covered in sharp thorns. Hence why it is a great addition to our Prickly Evergreen Tapestry packs.


It boasts an abundance of colourful berries in glossy shades of red, yellow and orange. The fiery colours make great additions to our Colourful Tapestry Packs. The berries appear late summer, ripen in autumn and if left untouched, can remain until early spring.


Used in numerous garden designs for its ornamental aesthetic, it can also be trained as a climbing feature to add interest along walls and fences.


The cream white flowers that appear in spring produce a highly scented fragrance which has the ability to create a delightful atmosphere in a garden.


It’s the perfect, wildlife friendly hedge! The small, pure white flowers are a rich source of nectar for bees and the colourful berries are an important source of food for an array of British garden birds, who also construct their nests among the dense, spiky branches. Birds and other small garden critters use this plant as shelter during the winter.


They are available to purchase year round in containers so you can establish attain Pyracantha hedging plants 365 days of the year.


Suitable for inland sites, normal soil, sun or partial shade and has an average annual growth of 30-60cm.


You can shape and trim Pyracntha to create formal appearance or leave to grow for a more natural, bushy look.


Creates a wonderful single species feature and is ideal for hedge heights up to 3m and therefore offers an effective screening hedge.


It’s evergreen and will therefore hold onto its glossy green leaves year round.

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