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Viburnum Hedging Plants

With a choice of summer or winter flowering, Best4hedging's Viburnum hedging makes a wonderful addition to any garden. There is no singular foliage that can be described to fit the Viburnum species as a whole; some Viburnum hedge plants are deciduous, whilst others have evergreen leaves and each variety boasts a diverse shape, leaf and colour.

The deciduous varieties of Viburnum hedging display rounded, green leaves that develop gorgeous autumn colours before they fall and the evergreen hedging varieties have a slightly denser habit with oval, green leaves that provide year-round coverage. All Viburnum hedges, irrelevant of whether they are deciduous or evergreen, have white/pink flowers appearing in clusters in winter or spring, followed by red, blue or black fruits.

History and uses of Viburnum Hedging

The Viburnum family consists of over 150 different varieties with the name Viburnum deriving from the Latin for the wayfaring tree, Viburnum Lantana.

The long stems of certain Viburnum hedge plants were used in the past to make shafts for arrows; some archers still use them even today.

The bark of Viburnum can be used in some herbal medicines, often to treat asthma.

While some fruits found on Viburnum hedging can be eaten raw and used for culinary purposes to make jams etc., other fruits are mildly toxic, and can result in vomiting if consumed in large quantities, so always check the variety before tasting. Take a look at our full range of hedge plants with berries for alternate options.

Wildlife value of a Viburnum Hedge

Viburnum hedges provide huge amounts of wildlife interest. Some varieties attract both honey bees and bumblebees, as they are an excellent source of nectar and pollen. Viburnum hedges are similarly very popular with foraging birds, as the abundance of berries produced provides them with a tasty feast. Evergreen Viburnum hedging is also a great nesting spot for birds searching for shelter when many other plants have lost their leaves in the winter.

Viburnum hedging provides a stunning garden feature with varying foliage, beautiful, showy flowers and colourful, juicy fruits. Viburnum is also valued for its tolerance to colder climates and its ability to thrive in any moist, well-drained soil.