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Hedging Type

coastal hedging plants

exposed sites

for sites in full sun

for sites in partial shade

for sites in full shade

shrubs for coastal sites

oriental hedging shrubs

shrubs for patios

shrubs for low maintenance sites

shrubs for small gardens

shrubs for drought prone sites

hedging shrubs for low maintenance sites

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Hedge Type

In order to ensure you find the best hedging type for your site, we have categorised all our products accordingly. Whether you are looking for a hedge plant suitable for a fully shaded position or the perfect hedging species for a coastal garden, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Hedging by site

All plants thrive in different situations and it's important to recognise which conditions affect your site, in order to choose the correct hedging to match these. Our categories have been carefully put together according to the level of sunlight exposure, wind tolerance and type of climate that our hedging plants can handle.

Everybody knows that all plants need sunlight to survive, however the amount of sunlight exposure can determine whether the leaves of your hedges develop a wonderfully vibrant green colour, or they become wilted and scorched. It can also be misconstrued that hedging plants should be sheltered from strong winds to avoid damage and although this is true for a lot of plants, some hedging species actually thrive in these conditions, making them well suited to coastal areas.

Our hedging by site section should help you choose plants that are well suited to your garden environment, giving them the best chance of success.