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Hedging Growth Rate

Hedge Growth Rate

Our hedging growth rate department allows you to select hedge plants based on their growth rate. Our hedge plants vary from slow, medium, fast and very fast growing. There are benefits to all growth rates; slow growing hedges are low maintenance and easy to maintain, whilst fast growing hedges reach their final height size more quickly.


Choosing hedge plants by growth rate

It is very important to make sure you choose the right hedge for your garden or planting scheme. If you are an active gardener, happy to spend a few days a year pruning your hedge then our range of very fast or fast growing hedging is great. If you only require a short garden hedge to use as a border for your veg patch, you would be better choosing an average or slow growing hedge. By taking hedge growth rate into consideration, you will be able to decide which species is best suited to your gardening needs.


Many gardeners choose fast growing hedging as it is a cost effective method. You can purchase smaller plants than you require, knowing that your hedge will soon reach your desired height. Many of our customers want to plant a garden hedge to add structure and definition but don't want to worry about pruning. Slow growing hedging is ideal as it requires minimal pruning, just a light trim once or twice a year, depending on your desired aesthetic.


To make our website as easy to use as possible, you can browse our great range of hedging by growth rate right here. Or, you can use our handy filters (on every department page) to help you along the way. For example, if you know you want an evergreen hedge, you can then filter our range of evergreen hedging by growth rate to make sure you are only viewing hedging plants suitable to your requirements.


For more information on choosing a hedge by growth rate, call us on  01257 261 243 .