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Mixed Native Hedges

All packs on this page are discounted, offering great value for money and a species-rich, ready-made mix of hedge plants. Our mixed hedging packs make choosing a hedge easy and cost-effective. Why erect a boring, lifeless fence when you can plant a living, growing, fragrant, blossoming boundary hedge instead? Our mixed hedging packs are an easy way of creating a diverse wildlife habitat for garden planting or to use for a large scale project.

Native hedge plants and hedgerows are synonymous with the UK countryside. The winding rows of shrubs and bushes, commonly interspersed with native trees, are a national heritage that should be encouraged and protected. 

Mixed Hedging - The Ultimate Wildlife Sanctuary

Hedgerows are an idyllic habitat for a huge variety of wildlife. They provide blossom, brimming with nectar in the spring, dense thickets in summer and deliciously juicy berries in autumn. As well as acting as Nature’s pantry, our mixed hedging packs can also provide a home for many of our British wildlife species. Small mammals including the dormouse, vole and hedgehog, nest and feed in the security of these shrubs and rows of mixed hedging will provide a natural corridor for these animals, making it safe and easy for them to travel and forage.

Mixed hedging also offers our native birds a safe, sheltered place to nest, particularly the evergreen hedging varieties, providing lasting cover all through winter. A native hedgerow creates a complete Eco-system, thriving with life.

Why else should I choose a mixed hedging pack?

Not only do mixed hedging packs benefit our wildlife, but they also help the environment. Mixed hedging can aid in the prevention of soil erosion, can absorb pollution from pesticides and even store carbon to help in fighting climate change. Remember, the more diverse the hedge, the more species it is likely to attract and support. Native hedging is not only a great way to give back to nature and the environment, but our mixed hedging packs are an interesting and attractive feature in their own right.

Our mixed hedging packs have been specially created for a variety of different purposes. The plants have been chosen for their ability to wonderfully complement each other, providing a striking aesthetic and the mixed hedging packs are put together based on an overall look or theme. Our Garden Mix is ideal if you require some evergreen cover, whereas our Coastal mixed hedging is perfect for more exposed conditions.

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