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Spindle Hedging Plants

At Best4hedging we provide a huge selection of hedging plants, including some of the best Euonymus hedging species. There are over 130 species within the Euonymus family and they each have an interesting history and provide great benefits to the garden. The name Euonymus is thought to be derived from the Greek words for good, eu and name, onoma which is believed to suggest a meaning of luck or fame.

Different varieties of Euonymus

Euonymus Europaeus is commonly known as Spindle, Common Spindle and European Spindle. It is a native hedging plant to Europe and the UK. William Turner the 'father of botany' gave it the name Spindle. When he could not find an English name for it he decided the Dutch name 'Spilboome' would do.

Euonymus Fortunei Emerald n Gold aka Winter Creeper is native to East Asia. It is named after Robert Fortune, the well known Scottish botanist and traveler who is famous for introducing tea plants from China to India in the 19th Century.

Euonymus Emerald Gaiety is also named after the botanist Robert Fortune. All parts of this plant may cause stomach upset if ingested.

Euonymus Japonicus Kathy (Japanese Spindle) and Euonymus Japonicus Ovatus Aureus are both native to Japan. Spindle Ovatus Aureus has young golden leaves and may sometimes be referred to as Golden Euonymus. It has received the RHS AGM award.

Best4hedging stock Euonymus in both bare root and pot grown plants. View our full range of pot grown hedging plants.

Common Misspellings of Euonymus

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