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Hedge Height and Light Loss

Hedge Heights

This section allows you to select hedging plants based on their final height size. Whether you're looking for a small bordering shrub or a tall privacy screen, you'll find the best hedge for your needs right here.

Choosing hedging by final height

We often advise our customers to choose their hedging based on the final height they require. All hedging species are suited to varying final heights so there is no point planting a low growing hedge if you are trying to create a privacy screen between yourself and a neighbour. Different hedge heights have different benefits. Low hedging is great for defining areas of a garden or planting scheme. They do not cast a lot of shade over other plants and can still make a dramatic difference, especially if you plant a fragrant, flowering hedge along a pathway. Tall hedging is great for marking property boundaries; using as an intruder deterrent or to make your garden more private.

As well as choosing your hedging plants based on the ideal final height, it is also important to consider growth rate. You can filter by growth rate on any department page to ensure you do not pick a hedge that is too fast or too slow growing for your needs.