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escallonia hedging plants

Escallonia is a popular choice to have in the garden as it’s an evergreen hedge plant, as well as a stunning flowering hedging plant. Evergreen hedging is excellent for incorporating a privacy screen in your landscape area, and many of our species can be used in both formal and informal garden settings.

Here at best4hedging, we stock a variety of Escallonia hedging, all showcasing striking colours and an aesthetic appearance. Escallonia flowers from June to October, and depending on which type you choose, this plant will offer a display of either white, pink or red flowers.

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Escallonia Hedging

Escallonia hedging plants are native to Chile and was named after the plant collection Antonia Escallon y Florez from South America (1739-1819) and was introduced to the UK in the 1840s. The red and white varieties, Escallonia rubra macrantha and Escallonia ‘Iveyi’, that best4hedging offer have both received the prestigious RHS Award and Garden Merit.

For more information about Escallonia hedging, read best4hedging’s blog post.

Where to Plant Escallonia Hedge Plants

If you love bees, then we recommend planting Escallonia. The scented flowers attract honeybees, bumblebees and mature butterflies, as they’re an excellent source of nectar and pollen. Interestingly, the white-flowered variety (Escallonia ‘Iveyi’) is more popular with butterflies than pink or red types.

Escallonia is also an excellent choice of shrub for hedging in coastal situations, as it is tolerant of the salt-laden, sea-air. As Escallonia is an evergreen plant, it makes a fantastic windbreak and year-round display of luxurious green foliage set against a choice of beautiful coloured flowers.

The pink-flowered variety (Escallonia ‘Donard Seedling) is a hybrid of Escallonia langleyensis and Escallonia x Virgata. The white Escallonia (Escallonia ‘Iveyi’) is a hybrid of Escallonia Bifida and Escallonia exoniensis from Cornwall.

Common Misspellings of Escallonia

Escallonia is commonly misspelt and can often be viewed as, escalonea, escallania, escollonia, escalonnia, escalonia, excallonia, escolonia, escalonia, escalliona, escalliona, escolinia shrubs, escalania, esclonia, escalliona.

For more information about Escallonia hedging plants, speak with one of our experts today on 01257 261 243 .