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pots & planters

At best4hedging, our years of experience and knowledge in horticulture means that we know a thing or two when it comes to planting hedging, trees or shrubs. Here, we have selected a vast range of essential garden equipment and supplies to help you achieve professional results when planting your new hedge or tree. From digging your planting hole to caring for your establishing hedge years later, we have everything you need and if we don’t, give us a call, as it’s likely we can arrange it.

Here at best4hedging, we stock a selective range of slow-releasing plant fertilisers. Our products have been carefully chosen and recommended by leading industry experts, including the Royal Horticultural Society.

Our famous saying at best4hedging is “the not so secret ‘secret’ of ensuring your plants grow big and strong, is watering!” To make sure your plants are appropriately watered, we have a choice of quality irrigation solutions.

We have a variety of garden supplies and equipment available to buy online that are specially designed to help protect your newly establishing garden hedge or trees. From feeds and fertilisers to planters to garden tools, rabbit guards and mulch matting, we have the highest quality plant and hedge care products at best4hedging.

For more hedge and plant care advice, visit best4hedging’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, head over to our Advice section where you’ll find plenty of hedge planting advice and tips.

If you have any questions or are unsure about which product to buy for your shrubs, get in touch with the best4hedging team today on 01257 261 243  or email us at