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Hedging Root Varieties

At best4hedging we understand that no two gardens or planting schemes are the same. With that in mind, we offer our range of quality hedging plants in a choice of different root types. Here you can browse through our great range of hedging by root type.

Different root types for hedging plants

We offer the following root types: bare root, root ball, pot grown and cell grown. Each root type has its own benefits. For specific information regarding each root type, click on the links below.

A brief explanation of different root types

Bare root hedging plants -

  • A cost effective hedge planting option
  • Despatched for planting in the dormant season (October to April)
  • Can be pre-ordered from mid-summer

Root ball hedging plants -

  • Mature bushy plants for an instant hedge effect
  • Delivered for planting from October to April (the dormant season)*
  • Pre-order from mid summer
  • *Exception to the rule - Box hedging root balls are available year round

Pot grown hedging plants -

  • Convenient planting option with high success rate
  • Available to buy and plant year round

Cell grown hedging plants -

  • Economical planting option
  • Small plants with a high success rate
  • Available to purchase and plant year round

Our product pages are set up to be as easy to use as possible, to see which root types are available in your desired hedging species, click on the corresponding tabs at the top of each product table. Some hedging species are suited to all root types and some hedging species are only available in certain root types. As experienced suppliers of quality hedging plants we know what works.

Understanding hedging by root type

If you haven't bought hedging plants before, it's important to understand the difference between root types and decide which root type is best suited to your gardening needs.

For more information on different root types, watch our quick informational videoOr, read our detailed explanation of hedging plants by root types, here.